Schedule an Event


Call Gail at 320-304-3409 to schedule an event!

A 10 person minimum is required for a party and the cost is normally $35.00 per person ($350 minimum).  *It is possible to do larger or more time-intensive projects for advanced groups which will be quoted separately*.  Typically we use 16×20 canvas, 12×16 wood boards and 18″ wooden cutouts.

You may hold the event in your home or at a location of your choosing.  If the location is not in your home, please provide us with a contact name and phone number so that we may contact the venue prior to your event.  If holding the event at your home, you must provide the tables and chairs.  All other class supplies will be provided by Joyful H’Arts Studio including table coverings.  Any food and beverages for events will also be your responsibility.  If you are having difficulty finding a venue, we do have some local referrals that we can suggest for you.

When you call to book your party, please have a painting or project with optional choices selected from the gallery that you would like to do, as well as the date that you would like to hold your event AND an alternate date in mind just in case we have booked a party on the same day and it has not updated on the calendar yet.  Thank you.